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Code of Conduct

Rugby is a game of long traditions which have developed over time into a number of values that guide the way the game is played and how players, coaches, officials and supporters conduct themselves.
At its core, rugby is a physical game and a fundamental value is one of respect - for opponents, teammates and officials. For the vast majority Rugby remains a sport played for enjoyment. As such, other core values we aspire to are firm and inclusive. You will find those values embedded in the codes of conduct below.


• Always play by the Laws of the Game.
• Play for fun and enjoyment, not just to please your coach or parents.
• Aim to improve your skills.
• Control your temper, and never argue with the referee.
• Be a good sport and co-operate with your coach and team-mates, the referee and opponents.
• Keep on trying – never give up.
• Look after your kit and equipment.


• Be familiar with Child Protection guidelines.
• Always work within the RFU Continuum.
• Teach players the laws of the game.
• Recognise the importance of players playing for fun and enjoyment – winning is only part of it!
• Ensure that all players are given equal opportunities to play rugby.
• Provide safe, well-planned coaching sessions, which will develop rugby skills.
• Be generous with praise when deserved, and always feedback to players in a constructive and encouraging manner.
• Set a good example in your dress, attitude and behaviour.


Be familiar with the Club’s and the RFU’s policy on child protection and Codes of Conduct
• Never force a child to play rugby, they should play for their enjoyment, not yours.
• Encourage your child to play by the laws of the game.
• Always provide positive support, encourage effort, and teach children that winning isn’t everything.
• Try to watch your child play as often as possible.
• Demonstrate good sportsmanship by applauding good play from both teams
• Respect all decisions made by the referee or coaches – remember they are giving up their time to provide rugby for children.
• Ensure that your child has appropriate clothing and protective gear for playing rugby.
• Set a good example by YOUR behaviour.
• Always condemn the use of bad or abusive language.


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